Clinical Labs

The GVSU Simulation Center services the academic programs in the Kirkhof College of Nursing (KCON) and the College of Health Professions (CHP).  Lab spaces and equipment such as task trainers, manikins, and supplies are shared by the disciplines in order to create an interprofessional learning environment for the students.  Specialized spaces include a model living suite, gait analysis lab, biomechanics lab, and an audiology booth. Our state-of-the-art academic facility enables our health professions and nursing students to achieve the highest level of learning.

The Simulation Center houses several different student study areas, teaching and learning labs, including:

Hospital Simulation Lab

This space includes an ICU room, a neonatal ICU space, emergency room beds and regular hospital rooms. Two of the rooms share a bathroom so students can practice assisting patients in/out of showers, etc. This lab may utilize high-fidelity patient simulators and/or model patients (paid “actors” who follow a prepared script and help students practice on real people in “real” situations). All of the spaces in this lab allow for digital recording so that students can review their actions with a faculty member.

Model Patient Suite

This space is designed to look like a general practitioner's office. This space also utilizes digital recording devices as well as the model patients.

Assessment Labs

Modeled like emergency rooms with hospital beds separated by curtains. Four assessment labs in CHS are utilized by all programs. 

Home Health Lab

This lab is set up like a residential home and is complete with a full kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, living room and dining room. Students utilizing this lab are learning to conduct home visits and help patients function in their own surroundings.

Page last modified January 10, 2017