Student Stories


Halie Hampton, Home Repair Services

"My internship showed me how nonprofits work in the community and gave me a glimpse into what it's like being in a workplace setting where people collaborate together."

Sam Wagner, Mary Free Bed YMCA

"Community outreach is the main mission from the YMCA, they offer so much to the community and I have loved interning here."

Rian Berry, Cook Arts Center

"While it might seem obvious, this program has truly reminded me how important it is to not bring old assumptions and prejudices into new experiences."

Jordan Couture, West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology

"Before my internship, I did not think I had a creative bone in my body. Reflecting now, I have realized that creativity is not something that you are born with, it is a part of your everyday life."

Anthony Hanline, Dwelling Place

"When interning at Dwelling Place you really get an opportunity to understand your own skills set and how well you work in various environments. I encourage any student interested in Dwelling Place to be prepared to learn and experience a lot."

Delaney McDonald, Cook Arts Center

"Working as an intern at Cook Arts is a very rewarding experience that provides a lot of personal and professional growth. It is a really unique hands-on experience, working with an incredibly supportive staff and a great group of kids."

Sarah Stromski, The Other Way Ministries

"The skills I learned in lesson planning as well as setting up an event like the block party has been very appealing to employers. I recommend going in willing to work in unfamiliar areas as well as being able to be very flexible."

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