Guidelines for Presenting GVSF Auditions

Auditionees must sign-up in advance for audition times, in order to avoid long waits and to schedule actors most efficiently for the directors to see. Visit or telephone the Box Office in the GVSU Allendale campus Performing Arts Center between noon - 5 p.m. weekdays. Telephone: (616) 331-2300

Auditionees should come prepared with two memorized monologs, each no longer than sixty seconds, with which to present themselves to the directors. One monolog should be from any of Shakespeare's plays, the other should be taken from a modern play.

In addition to memorizing their monologs, actors should rehearse them aloud for several hours, adding movement and gestures to the piece. We will provide two chairs in the audition space for necessary furniture.

You should bring no costumes, hand properties, furniture, musical accompaniment or any other accessories to enhance your monologs. Our directors are interested in how to act, not in how you relate to costumes or furniture.

Wear loose-fitting clothing that will not restrict your movement, and be certain that long hair does not continually fall in front of your face during the audition. 

The audition session will be "closed" to the public. You will audition in the room together with 5 - 6 other auditionees, and other auditionees will wait outside the audition room.

Our directors may ask you to participate in some improvisational exercises with other auditionees after you've finished presenting your prepared monologs. Be prepared for this.

Our directors may also ask you ("interview-fashion") a little about yourself after you've presented your monologs. Be prepared to speak a little about your experience and what you're expecting from the Shakespeare Festival.

When you enter the audition area, we'll ask you to fill out an audition form that lists your contact information and stage experience. Bring a pencil and be prepared to list your experience in this way, or bring a prepared resumé with you.

We will take a photo of you before you audition and attach it to your audition form, in order to refresh our directors' minds about your performance when casting begins.

Following your General Audition, our stage manager will telephone you if you are needed for "callback" readings before the final casting.

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Page last modified April 25, 2019