Application for the Shakespeare Scholarship

INSTRUCTIONS: Applicants for this award must have already applied to and been accepted by the University. All Applicants should fill-in the required information below and on the reverse side, sign the application, and return this form to "Shakespeare Scholarship, Theatre Communications Program, GVSU, Allendale MI 49401." It may be faxed to: (616) 331-2700. At least one letter of reference in support of this application must be sent by a drama teacher, coach, or director separately to the same address. Please type or print clearly.

Name ___________________________________________________________________


Telephone _________________________ Graduation Date ___________________

Name of School _________________________________________________________

Location of School _____________________________________________________

Have you applied to GVSU? yes ____ no ____ Accepted? yes___ no___

How did you learn of this scholarship? newspaper ___ drama coach ___

GVSU Admissions Office ____ Other (please specify) ______________

THEATRE BACKGROUND: Please list here all drama classes & workshops in which you've been enrolled, plays you've acted in or worked backstage on (including location of play and role/tech assignment), as well as any related experience or skills you may have (such as dancing or singing skills, forensics experience, etc.). If you wish, you may attach a separate resumé to this application.

PERSONAL STATEMENTS: In a short paragraph or two, please describe why you are choosing to study theatre at Grand Valley State.

In a short paragraph or two, please describe what you feel you could contribute as a participant in the University's Shakespeare Festival.

ADDITIONAL REFERENCES: Please list at least one other individual who knows you and whom we might contact for further information regarding your application:

Name ____________________________________ Phone ___________________

Name ____________________________________ Phone ___________________

APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________


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