Join The Shakespeare Festival

Volunteers are the heart of GVSF operations: catering, ushering, making cash donations, offering in-kind assistance, building sets and providing a host of other much needed services. Like all arts organizations, we couldn't function without them. Over the years, members of the GVSU faculty and staff, the local community, and especially Grand Valley students have given thousands of hours of their time, services, and energy to building the Shakespeare Festival into the largest and most impressive Shakespeare celebration in Michigan!

Many of our volunteers are young students satisfying requirements in drama classes for lab hours, but most of our student volunteers come from all over the campus simply to enjoy the plays, the audiences, and to share in the excitement that makes GVSF events a fun experience every year. Others come from the ranks of faculty and staff, and the local community who wish to feel part of the cultural and educational programs that we offer, and move the Festival forward each season.

Take a look at the three areas below where you, too, might partner with us to help bring some of the finest cultural and educational programming to west Michigan. And if you see some place where you might fit in, contact our Festival director, Robin Reese, who will match you up with the appropriate committee person.


Financial Donations


Matt Bryant as Poins in HENRY THE FOURTH PART ONE

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