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Financial Aid Opportunities for GVSU Theatre Students


The Theatre program awards financial aid each year to full-time students involved in its academic and production programs. This support is in addition to other forms of financial aid that students may receive (scholarships, grants, etc.) from other sources. It is independent of Grand Valley State University's official Financial Aids Office, and does not depend upon the financial need of the student or his/her family.

Some Theatre awards require that students declare a major in Theatre, while other awards are available to students in any discipline, provided that they are participating in some way in the Theatre program. All awards are tied to specific jobs or responsibilities in the Theatre program, and are awarded for only one year (they are not automatically renewable: students must re-apply each year).


All Theatre awards are made in Winter semester, and require an application from the student. Applications from continuing students consist of a letter declaring the student's desire to receive financial aid during the coming year (May - April), and where the student would like to be assigned in the program; a resumé listing the student's classes, stage experience, special training, etc.; and a current transcript ("Analysis of Academic Progress," which students can obtain online or from the GVSU Records Office). The deadline for filing these applications is April, and you should note the "Auditions Schedule" page in the Theatre website for the current deadline ( www.gvsu.edu/theatre.).

Freshmen applicants or transfer students are eligible for some of these awards, including the Shakespeare Scholarship, which will be used to determine which form of financial aid is appropriate for incoming students.

Freshmen or transfer students should note that the University has flexible deadlines for applying for financial aid, but the Theatre program has a rolling deadline for receiving financial assistance applications.  Applications for the Shakespeare scholarship can be made t any time prior to your arrival on campus, between September 1 - March 31.

Only one type of award for Theatre assistance is made by the Theatre faculty at different times throughout the year: work-study. New or continuing students who are certified by the University's Financial Aids Office for receiving work-study awards may apply for work in the Theatre program at any time by contacting the Theatre secretary.

Click here for an application for the Shakespeare Scholarship!

Page last modified January 18, 2017