GVSF Education Programs

The educational programs of the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival are extensive and long-standing. Over the past decade, Festival has worked hard to develop and publicize the special opportunities it has offered to Grand Valley students, and to more than 15,000 middle & high school students and their teachers. Our activities are extremely popular and heavily enrolled each season.

Needless to say, Festival's connection with Grand Valley State University and its Theatre program ensures that all GVSU students enjoy both classical and contemporary theatre in the classroom and onstage. Festival has become a key partner with the GVSU Theatre program to provide scholarships, plays, workshops and training; and also to offer presentations by internationally acclaimed scholars in the playhouse and in the University's classrooms.

Festival also enhances middle and high school education in the tri-county area in two ways: by bringing the Bard directly to these schools in the form of its annual touring show, and by offering special midweek schools matinees of its mainstage Shakespearean play on campus. In these ways, GVSF reaches nearly 3,000 students each year, half of whom visit GVSU's Allendale campus for a full-length production, lunch, and tour. Moreover, GVSF underwrites most of the cost of this activity. Schools pay less than $1 per student for touring performances, and $2.50 for the half-day matinee experiences on the Allendale campus.


Student Greenshow

Students Peter Bisson & Scott Baisden perform "on the greensward" 

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