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"Dress Circle" Financial Donations to GVSF

The Shakespeare Festival Dress Circle is an organization of special Festival patrons who take pride supporting West Michigan's premiere Shakespeare theatre event with their financial help. Cash donations are a very important part of our operational base because, unlike goods or services, cash is a "more flexible" type of support: it can be put to work immediately in a variety of areas that need enhancement. It can be used for long-term needs as well, in the form of capital acquisitions, scholarships and the like.

Dress Circle members are often too busy and involved in other community or professional activities to contribute their time or efforts to Festival management, so they certainly enjoy the opportunity of becoming "Festival financial partners" with us. By helping us to sustain GVSF's outstanding work, they join hands with the University (our single largest funding source) and with the thousands of paying customers who also support our events. In addition, Dress Circle members help to introduce regional businesses and corporations to our patron list, who generously promote the cultural enrichment of our community with their dollar donations.

Renaissance Festival Juggler

Student juggler at the annual Renaissance Festival

By becoming a member of the Dress Circle, you support the belief that the arts are a precious natural resource that benefits every member of our community. Over the years, our Dress Circle members have helped us to present classical and modern plays, films, concerts, storytellers, critical experiences, lectures and workshops to our audiences. They've also helped us to field our substantial scholarships and training opportunities for GVSU students, and to reach out to educational and underserved groups with low-cost and free events that tour the region.

More than 40,000 patrons of every age, educational, and occupational background have benefited from GVSF's programs since Festival's founding in 1993, and the GVSF Dress Circle has always been a key ingredient in guaranteeing the quality and success of our programs.

Our tiers of giving are arranged for every pocketbook, as you can see from the list below. And since all donations to GVSF are tax-deductible, Dress Circle members receive immediate financial benefits from their commitment (GVSU officially acknowledges & reports all donations for tax purposes). You'll find as well that we've "spiced-up" the cake with some special privileges for Dress Circle members at every level of their involvement!

So we hope that you, too, will take this opportunity to join our "Festival family" with your generous donation. Please review the categories of charitable giving outlined below, then print-off the attached form and mail it back to us with your payment. And don't forget that we're also hoping that you'll join us in person this season on the beautiful campuses of Grand Valley State University in an autumn celebration of the renaissance world of William Shakespeare.

Download the donation form

Students building the set

Students "take to the boards" to create Shakespeare every Fall

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