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Tea Time

Tea Time is a new addition to the CSLC's projects. Tea Time is a live feed that occurs biweekly on Thursdays at 7 p.m. During our live feeds, our host and guest will discuss topics in current events while our audience can submit questions via the comment section. Tea Time is meant to be a dynamic space for educated chatting, a place where conversations get started. Tune in to Tea Time by visiting the CSLC Instagram at @gv_cslc

If you have any ideas for what topic(s) we should discuss next, or would like to be a guest on Tea Time, please email service@gvsu.edu.

Tea Time from the CSLC

Episode Schedule



January 28

Presidential Transition

February 11

Black History Month

February 25

Prison Industrial Complex: 'Thirteenth' Discussion

March 11

Freedom of Information

March 25

Women's History

April 8

Voting Rights Challenges in Georgia and Michigan

April 22

Earth Day | Climate Change

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