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Nikki Rakestraw

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Volunteer Coordinator


My name is Nikki and I am a third year student at GVSU with a major in Writing. I am passionate about my faith, people, writing, being outside in nature, and doing anything active. On campus I am on a Leadership Team with Campus Ministry where I co-lead a Lifegroup. There is also a special place in my heart for the camp that I worked at for the past two summers, where I was also a camper for 11 years prior. Being a third year employee of the CSLC, I have really grown to love my job. Not only because it has been a great work environment for me to grow in as a student and in gaining work experience, but also because it has challenged me to consider my role in society as a citizen and what it means to be engaged in community. Being involved in selfless service is incredibly rewarding for both yourself and the community you are serving with. In dedicating my past two summers to volunteering, and within that environment of constant service, I have seen myself grow in so many areas.

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