Opportunity Title

Opportunity Type
On Going

Duties of Volunteer
The duties of this service opportunity are to teach and facilitate a computer training program for low income adults. The commitment would be for 3 hours a week, split between two classes, for 5 weeks. The courses are all online, so all we need the volunteer to do is be there to start the class and answer any questions that may arise from the students. A stipend will be offered to those who teach a set of 10 classes.

Deadline to register
May 31, 2018

Tyler Sajdak

Details of special training
Bilingual trainers are wanted, but not necessary to training with us.

Details of special skills
As long as the volunteer knows how to run a computer, connect to the internet, work with Microsoft Office, set up an email, and some other basic computer tasks, the volunteer should be fine.

Is the location accessible by The Rapid?

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