MST Foundation Courses

Candidates must have a base of underlying knowledge relevant to business. For the MST program, background work must be in accounting,economics, legal environment, statistics, finance, and college-level tax. Courses taken to fulfill background studies are not counted as part of the 33-hour requirement for the MST degree. Most individuals will have completed some or all of the courses in their undergraduate programs that fulfill the background studies requirements.

To ensure integrity of background studies, courses meeting the requirements must be taken at regionally-accredited college or university with a minimum grade of B.  The prerequisite in tax must be completed at a regionally-accredited 4-year college or university within 5 years with a grade of at least B.  Students not meeting these criteria may be required to complete additional comparable background work. A candidate may complete the special accelerated 500 level course(s) offered by the Seidman College in the relevant area(s); complete appropriate courses in the undergraduate program at Grand Valley State University or any other regionally-accredited, college or university, or pass one or more qualifying examinations after appropriate study. Questions should be addressed to the graduate business programs director.

ACC 511 Financial & Managerial Accounting View sample exam 3 credits
BUS 531 Legal Environment View sample exam 2 credits
ECO 542 Macro and Microeconomics View sample exam 3 credits
FIN 520 Statistics & Mathematics of Finance View sample exam 3 credits
ACC 371 or 318, Basic Tax

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