Graduate Credentials

Seidman Graduate Credentials are designed to provide flexible, educational modules delivering essential, applied business learning to meet the talent development needs of organizations. Each GVSU Mastery Module is comprised of focused coursework that builds mastery and allows employees to deepen their contribution to the organization.

An integrated education to transform your career and your life.

A Seidman Graduate Credential provides an intentional learning opportunity in the context of everyday business situations. Our finely balanced curriculum adheres to the Seidman educational approach of Learn-Practice-Grow, ensuring that you are fully prepared to apply all that you learn as you enter the next stage of your career leading or supervising others.


Gain knowledge and in-depth understanding of select business frameworks, theories and concepts.


Apply essential business skills through guided experiential learning.


Develop business acumen and attitudes, add business capabilities, and heighten self-awareness at work.

Examples of GVSU Mastery Modules Include:

  • Develop an understanding of self as leader
  • Apply principles of client-centered design thinking
  • Expand a strategic mindset perspective
  • Develop operational efficiencies for organizational success
  • Apply budgeting analytical tools to assess team performance
  • Utilize principles of project management
  • Leverage principles of effective communication
  • Apply proven principles of building, motivating, empowering, and leading effective teams
  • Apply principles of communicating and managing change
  • Practice win-win negotiations
  • Leverage principles of effective communication
  • Understand how firms generate income
  • Apply fundamentals of economics and finance
  • Explore how ethics and culture drive the value(s) of the organization
  • Examine the impact of structure and governance on the organization
  • Examine the effectiveness of modern methods of value chain development and strategic planning
  • Apply effective methods to communicate and execute the organizational strategy
  • Explore actions to influence the strategic direction of the organization
  • Develop the ability to build a business case for action and communicate solutions with executives