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Michele Minghetti

Michele Minghetti, MBA '22

The applied nature of international education and business is highly enriching and sets up individuals to lead in our global economy. One such student who took advantage of this opportunity is Michele Minghetti. He studied at GVSU in Summer- Fall 2021 and intends to return to Grand Rapids to open a European style bakery. 

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Aaron and Olivia Lawson, MBA Alumni

Aaron and Olivia Lawson, MBA Alumni

"Getting an MBA is an investment in you and in your future. It will only benefit you in your career and give you an edge in the job market..." 

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Corey and Kim Lake, MBA Alumni

Corey and Kim Lake, MBA Alumni

"The relationships that Seidman had and exposed us to in the local business community became irreplaceable. It truly jump-started our network and many of us have leveraged those networks or each other for advancing our careers throughout the last decade."

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Eunice Lopez-Martin MBA Graduate

Eunice Lopez-Martin, MBA '21

"The MBA program really gave me new tools and resources on how to be successful in my career and in my work within the community. It also allowed me to see the power of networking and building up those skill sets to keep climbing the career ladder."

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Vincent Lambert MBA Alumni

Vincent Lambert, CPA, MBA '20

"The program and professors at Seidman helped me develop an advanced understanding of organizing and operating a business. The MBA program challenged me to develop skills in finance, management, human resources, IT, and marketing."

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Ryan Hoogstra MBA Alumni

Ryan Hoogstra, MBA '20

"The Seidman MBA program provided me with an opportunity to grow personally and professionally through coursework, networking, and various professional development opportunities administered by Grand Valley."

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Weston Persons

Weston Persons, MBA '20

"The Seidman MBA offers me the opportunity to stand out among my peers for future career advancement. All this was offered while still working in my profession full-time."

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Ryan Slusarzyk, MBA '20

"The Seidman MBA presented me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge, refine my skills, develop deep-seated relationships, and to set additional foundation blocks for me to continue to achieve success in my career."

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Brian Schrader

Brian Schrader, EMBA '18

His transformational journey through the Seidman Executive MBA allowed him to solidify and build upon his skillset, to learn new approaches, and to ask better questions.  

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David Collado

David Collado, BBA '08; MSA '08

David Collado serves as president of Happy Howie’s, Inc., a Detroit company that produces all natural dog treats.  When David joined the struggling business in 2011, following a short stint with a public accounting firm, he led the transformation to reverse losses of nearly a million dollars, reaching profitability within eight months.

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