PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: We continuously strive for the highest quality in our personal, professional, and organizational endeavors.

Learning: We foster the intellectual curiosity of our Seidman, local, and global communities by: 

  • creating, expanding, and applying knowledge
  • enhancing and encouraging critical thinking
  • developing a global perspective
  • sustaining a culture for the open exchange of ideas

Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible to:

  • act in an ethical manner
  • be socially responsible citizens
  • welcome the diversity of ideas, people, and cultures
  • Promote an environment of transparency, trust, and cooperation

Engagement: We intentionally connect and collaborate in an effort to:

  • continuously reflect on ethics in our personal and professional lives
  • emphasize mutual understanding
  • support diversity of thought
  • foster intellectual curiosity and innovation
  • provide opportunity and professional growth
  • honor our strong and lasting business and community relationships
  • promote economic development