TRACKS - How the program works

All Grand Valley students are welcome to participate in TRACKS programming to assist in the development of key human skills for success. Students who are part of the Seidman College of Business are eligible for TRACKS certification upon completion of the program. 

To complete the program, students must attend a total of eight TRACKS approved events. All approved events will be featured on our events calendar.

  • Three of these events must come from the required list of events.
  • The remaining 5 events can be any combination of the students' choosing from the events calendar. 

After attending and participating in each event, students must submit an event reflection. Seidman students will receive a TRACKS Tracker updating them on their progression through the program after each reflection is submitted. 

Admiral Student Engagement Badge

Required Events for ADMIRAL Student Engagement Badge

Students must attend each of the following events at least once towards ADMIRAL Student Engagement Badge.

  1. GVSU Career Fair (either Fall or Winter semester fair)
    1.  Please visit the Career Center website for the most up-to-date details. Various preparation events will proceed throughout the week as part of the Work Like a Laker Conference.
  2. Peter Secchia Breakfast Lecture 
    1. Next Secchia Breakfast Lecture: Continuing Differently is on Thursday, February 22, 2024  7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
      L. William Seidman Center

Optional ADMIRAL Student Engagement Badge Events

In addition to attending two events from the required listings, the remaining 5 events or tasks can consist of any combination of the following: 

Learning Outcomes and Personal Reflection

Learning Experiences are the ways new knowledge will be disseminated. There are 3 specific pathways used in this program.

This model has been adapted from  Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at the Crossroads (Datar, S., et al., 2010). This leadership framework was developed by the US Army (p. 103), and has been modified to meet the needs of our students and the vision of the program.

KNOW: what new knowledge did you gain at this event?

DO: how will you continue to learn and plan to apply the information presented?

BE: in what ways has the new information influenced your personal and professional development?

TRACK 1: Communication and Professional Skills  TRACK 2: Strategic Career Development  TRACK 3: Leadership, Ethics and Integrity  TRACK 4: Global and Diverse Perspectives

Reflective Document

Each event has been selected to serve as a catalyst for practicing lifelong learning.

The TRACKS -KNOW DO BE approach helps students identify the new learning and explore practical ways of implementing this new knowledge, which culminates in becoming embedded into your brand.

Once you have attended the TRACKS event, write a short reflective essay (3 paragraphs) answering the questions below:


Click here for the Event Reflection


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