Seidman TRACKS Professional Development Program

TRACKS is Seidman College of Business's professional development certification program. This program is designed to run the academic calendar year, with specifically designed and chosen programs that will set you apart from other graduates.

By participating in this program you will:

  • Gain exposure to leading local, regional, national and internationally known speakers, thought leaders and progressive business leaders
  • Acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills (soft skills, workplace professionalism, business ethics and integrity, and diverse societal perspectives) employers desire within candidates
  • Align the knowledge base concepts and theories you are learning in the classroom to the development of your personal, professional, and future organizational endeavors
  • Increase your marketability, familiarity, and fit within your chosen career, industry, and corporate culture

How does this work?

TRACKS is open to all Seidman students and there is no formal application or timeline to complete the program!

In order to receive a certificate of completion for a full TRACK, you will need to attend at least 1 event in each Learning Outcome level (with the submission of the reflective form aligned to each learning outcome after the event) within each TRACK.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Identify which TRACK(S) that you want to experience (click the button below to learn about each individual TRACK)

Step 2: Go to the TRACKS event page and find an event within that TRACK that works with your schedule and interest 

Step 3: Attend the event and learn 

Step 4: Once the event is completed, complete the Reflective Form that aligns to the Learning Outcome that you completed

Once you complete the form it will be reviewed, if it meets the requirements you will be award credit for completing that learning outcome level!

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 for each Learning Outcome and Professional TRACK

(remember you must attend at least 1-KNOW Event, 1-DO Activity and complete 1-BE Initiative to have a completed TRACK)

Example of TRACKS progress chart


                                  KNOW Event

                                 DO Activity

                  BE Initiative

TRACK 1: Communication and Professional Skills


Financial Literacy Series: Budget 10.4.17

Financial Literacy Series: New Jobs Offer 10.25.17


TRACK 2: Strategic Career Development

Fast-TRACK: So You Think You Can Network 10.10.17

Fast-TRACK: Become Professionally LinkedIn 10.23.17

Fast-TRACK: Career Fair 10.19.17

TRACK 3: Leadership, Ethics, and Integrity


Navigating the Politics of Workplace Topics: 11.27.17


TRACK 4: Global and Diverse Perspectives


4 professional development TRACKS:

There are 4 TRACKS you can choose from, with the flexibility of doing 1 TRACK at a time or several--remember you can complete this professional development program throughout your tenure at Seidman.

Click the options to the right to learn more about the TRACKS

tracks stamp

4 professional development themed tracks

Communication & Professional Skills provides students with communication skills (written, utilizing technology, oral) and effective listening skills. 

The focus will also be given to building skills in time management, organization and personal finance.

Strategic Career Development is dedicated to the process of identifying a career path, understanding how careers and jobs within the business world are evolving, and preparing students for their first professional job by providing them with job search strategies and the ability to practice these strategies.


Leadership, Ethics & Integrity focuses on the development of leaders. Gaining an understanding of ethical decision making and leading with integrity will be explored.

Global & Diverse Perspectives helps participants identify who they are within the context of society.  Understanding cultures and customs and applying that knowledge to business practices provides students with an informed international viewpoint.  

....and the 3 Learning Outcomes within each TRACK:

Learning Outcomes are the ways that new knowledge will be disseminated to you and within TRACKS there are 3 specific pathways used.

This model has been adapted from the US Army: Basis of Leadership and is modified to meet the needs of our students and vision of the program.

Click the drop-down menu to the right and explore the different ways you can  KNOW  DO  BE


3 types of learning experiences

KNOW Events are described as events that you attend to acquire new knowledge; this can be disseminated in the form of lectures, seminars, discussion-based learning

DO Activities are designated as hands-on events; where you can put your new knowledge to work and practice

BE Initiatives are when the KNOW and DO become ingrained--where you BEcome what has been studied and practiced

Learn how to BE

Reflective Documents

Now that you have identified which TRACK(S) you want to accomplish, and you have attended an event it is time to complete your Reflective Form


reflective forms

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