Seidman Mentorship Program

Seidman Mentorship Program

Exciting Opportunity!

We believe that success requires collaboration, perspective, and networking. These skills become even more valuable as you continue, both professionally and personally.  At Seidman, we recognize this and have developed a groundbreaking mentorship program that fosters learning agility for students and mentors.

Freshman mentees are paired with peers, usually, junior and senior students, who can introduce them to Laker Life, help identify interests, possible career paths, and navigate the university.  Peer mentors are themselves mentored by business professionals who help them explore careers, establish a work-life balance, and provide a sounding board for life's questions.

The only requirement is to check in with your mentee, virtually, by phone, or live, twice per month.  Most mentors spend about 1 hour per month on the program.

We invite you to join us as a first-year mentee, peer mentor, or professional who wants to mentor an advanced GV student.  Should you choose to join us, we will pair you based on mutual interests, both professional and personal.  Benefits include:

  • Thoughtful pairing to a mentor partner
  • Options to communicate via text, phone, video, or live
  • Support via the SCB Mentorship office
  • Invitations to SBC Mentorship networking and community events
  • Satisfaction of giving back to GV and making a difference in a student’s life

Opportunities to network and learn with the next generation of Laker Graduates 

Join us by clicking on the links below:

First-year students

Peer Mentors (Juniors and Seniors)

Community professionals

Please direct any questions to the mentorship office [email protected]du or 616.331.7500


To learn how the program works and how mentors and mentees benefit, check out our podcast.

Registration for this winter semester Mentorship event is now open. Please sign up via the link below.

How to Network to Anyone

February 23rd, 5PM  |  SCB Loosemore Forum | Register

Join The Mentorship Captain, Gerry Cooke – and learn to network to anyone in the world.
Gerry will share his 20 years of experience in professional sales and show you how to
leverage and grow your network, while developing your professional brand. All are

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