BE Initiatives

BE Initiatives are where the KNOW and DO become ingrained—when you BEcome what has been studied and practiced.

You have attended events where you gained new knowledge and participated in activities where you put that new knowledge into practice; now is the time to have an experience where all you have done becomes ingrained!

Below is a list of BE Initiatives that align with the purpose of the program:



Professional Development Themed TRACKS

TERP10 Certification Academy: 

This intensive two-week (10 days) Academy, offered to both business and non-business students completing the Academy and passing the SAP® TERP10 Certification exam will have the advantage of having a good understanding of business processes adopted by companies around the world. 

Strategic Career Development

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Internship Program:

An internship experience is one of the best ways to stand out in a competitive job market.

Internships will:

-apply your class learning to authentic work experience,

-allow you to explore your career options and interests,

-enhance your professional skills,

-increase your self-confidence and provide networking opportunities with professionals,

-help to build a strong resume.

Strategic Career Development

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Executive Board Member positions:

Take on an executive leadership position with your student organization, club, social club/organization.

The position must be held for one academic calendar year—submission for this BE Initiative must be made prior to completion of the term.

Upload the position duties, responsibilities and any accomplishments acquired during your tenure.

Communication & Professional Skills

Strategic Career Development


For more information, please visit: (#3 under Registration Requirements defines a university organization)

Study Abroad:

Study abroad is global learning at the highest level.

It is living in another country and taking college courses approved to transfer back to GVSU while being immersed in the culture, and experiences different from one’s home country.


Global & Diverse Perspectives

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TRACKS Informational Hub

4 professional development themed tracks

Communication & Professional Skills provides students with communication skills (written, utilizing technology, oral) and effective listening skills. 

The focus will also be given to building skills in time management, organization and personal finance.

Strategic Career Development is dedicated to the process of identifying a career path, understanding how careers and jobs within the business world are evolving, and preparing students for their first professional job by providing them with job search strategies and the ability to practice these strategies.


Leadership, Ethics & Integrity focuses on the development of leaders. Gaining an understanding of ethical decision making and leading with integrity will be explored.

Global & Diverse Perspectives helps participants identify who they are within the context of society.  Understanding cultures and customs and applying that knowledge to business practices provides students with an informed international viewpoint.  

3 types of learning experiences

KNOW  refers to acquiring new knowledge that can be disseminated in the form of lectures, seminars, discussion-based learning.

DO  refers to hands-on learning; where you can put your new knowledge to work 

BE refers to learning and experiences that become ingrained within you and help you BEcome what has been studied and practiced

Learn how to BE

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