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CEO Club Annual Pitch Competition

Date and Time

Monday, October 16, 2023 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


L. William Seidman Center
50 Front Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Room - SCB 1008 Loosemore Forum


CEO has helped launch multiple student-run start-ups . We provide members with support, knowledge, networking opportunities and accountability to insure the maximum amount of success in their business ventures. We enhance our meetings by bringing industry leaders to speak on relevant topics, exploring local resources, and learning how to implement cutting edge business concepts into our projects. You are by no means required to have an idea or business before joining the group. We welcome students of all disciplines. Our leadership team can help you through the ideation process or match you up with an existing team that is in need of your talents.

C.E.O. Club has been hosting pitch competitions for students since 2005. With 90 seconds to say your idea, no slides or props, students have been able to relay their ideas to judges and draw out the bigger picture in their head.

This event also appears on the main events calendar tagged as business, competition, pitch, and startup.


C.E.O. Club President: Alina Ladewig at [email protected] or (248) 933-8103

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