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3076 L. William Seidman Center




Dr. Lane received his Ph.D. in Marketing, Finance, Management, Economics from Michigan State University. He is Co-Director of the Applied Global Innovation Initiative, and currently leads classes in Innovation, Sustainability, and Base of the Pyramid Economics in the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Honors College and for the Seidman College of Business. Dr. Lane facilitates classes in undergraduate and graduate marketing for the Seidman College of Business. For the last decade Dr. Lane has worked closely with Dr. Farris of the engineering college developing interdisciplinary courses using various technologies, in this country and abroad. Dr. Lane is an entrepreneur who recently completed 20 years of service on the board of the bank he helped found, completed his teaching the entrepreneurship program he helped develop. He was one of a trio of faculty who developed the ecommerce program for Seidman College of Business. A former department chair, former holder of the E. Seidman Chair for his innovative work, and two time recipient of the Seidman Outstanding Service Award Dr. Lane embraces the future and the opportunities provided with technology to transform the future of education and opportunities for those who are at the base of the pyramid.


  • Certification in Senior Advising, Senior Advising. (2005).
  • PH.D., Marketing, Finance, Management, Economics, Michigan State University. (1986).
  • MBA, Additional Studies in Accounting (33 semester hours), Stetson University. (1973).
  • MBA, Accounting, Stetson University. (1972).
  • BA, Sociology, Earlham College. (1970

Teaching Areas

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Creativity
  • Base of the Pyramid
  • Economic Development
  • Nicaragua
  • Ghana


  • Lane, P., Farris, J. P. "UAIDAS,Approaching the Class with a Little Marketing, (pp. 50-54). Midwest Marketing Association.
  • Lane, P., Farris, J. p., Morawcynski, R. An Inquiry into Entrepreneurship across the Cultures. International Business.
  • Lane, P. (2012). Growing Yourself Through Others. Marketing Management Association.


  • University, Applied Global Innovation Initiative, Interaction with Industry, approximately 30 hours spent per year, Days, appointed, International, served ex-officio.
  • Student Organization, Trash for Treasures, approximately 40 hours spent per year, Hours, appointed, Local. (August 2012 - December 2012).
  • Community, Izzy +, Workshop Organizer, approximately 12 hours spent per year, Days, appointed, Regional. (July 2012 - December 2012)

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