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Steve Goldberg


Professor of Accounting

3024 L. William Seidman Center


School of Accounting


Dr. Steve Goldberg, Full Professor of Accounting, teaches and researches in international accounting, and ethics. He has also taught auditing and financial and managerial accounting. Steve earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, MBA at the University of Chicago and BSC at DePaul University and he is a CPA. Steve previously served as Director of the School of Accounting and was on the faculties of Purdue and Georgia Tech Universities. He worked as an auditor and tax practitioner before serving in financial management positions in industry in the U.S., Germany, and Malaysia.


  • PH.D., Accounting, International Economics, Econmetrics, University of Wisconsin - Madison. (1988).
  • MBA, Finance, Management Science, University of Chicago. (1971).
  • BSC, Accounting, DePaul University. (1968).


  • Goldberg, S. R., Cannon, D. (in press). Blind Spots and Retirements Heist (3rd ed., vol. 23, pp. 83-85). Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance.
  • Goldberg, S. R. Avoiding Dumb Things and the Price of Inequality (January/February 2013 ed.). The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance.
  • Goldberg, S. R., Cannon, D. Boomerang and Great Inspirational Leaders (2nd ed., vol. 23, pp. 85-87). Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance.


  • College, AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation Review Team, Committee Member, approximately 5 hours spent per year, Days, appointed.
  • College, Full Professor Committee, Committee Member, approximately 20 hours spent per year, Hours, appointed.
  • College, SCB Personnel Committee, Committee Member, approximately 40 hours spent per year, Hours, elected

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