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Thuy Simpson


Assistant Professor

3035 L. William Seidman Center




Graduated with a BSBA (with High Distinction) double majors in Finance and Accounting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2006.

Completed the Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance in May 2013


  • PH.D., Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "Two essays on Insider Trading."
  • BSBA, Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (2006).

Teaching Areas

  • Insider trading
  • Index Fund Investing
  • Auditing,
  • Market efficiency and abnormalities


Refereed Journal Articles

  • Phan, H. V., Simpson, T., Nguyen, H. T. (2017). Tournament-Based Incentives, Corporate Cash Holdings and Payout Policies, and the Value of Cash. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. http://www.jfqa.org/
  • Dunham, L. M., Simpson, T. (2015). An Analysis of the Impact of Securities Lending on the Performance of ETFs. The Journal of Wealth Management(Spring 2015), 10.
  • Litt, B., Sharma, D., Simpson, T., Tanyi, P. (2014). Audit Partner Rotation and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from the U.S. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.
  • Dunham, L. M., Simpson, T. (2012). The Impact of Securities Lending on Index Fund Performance. Journal of Investing, The, 21(2), 9-16.
  • Dunham, L. M., Simpson, T. (2010). Do Index Fund Managers Actively Trade? An Empirical Examination of S&P 500 Index Fund Around Index Changes. Journal of Index Investing, 1(Winter 2010), 58-64.



  • Department, Finance department, Attendee, Meeting, approximately 4 hours spent per year, Hours, appointed, Local.
  • Community, Spectrum Health Hospital Group, approximately 2 hours spent per year, Hours. (January 2013 - Present).
  • College, Teaching and Learning Committee, Committee Member, appointed, Local. (September 1, 2012 - Present).

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