Dr. Alejandro Quiroga: Our Executive-in-Residence through 2023

September 11, 2022

Dr. Alejandro Quiroga: Our Executive-in-Residence through 2023

The KBEI is pleased that Dr. Alejandro Quiroga, the President of Corewell Health West, is our Executive-in-Residence through 2023. Dr. Quiroga will be speaking to students and faculty on special occasions throughout the year, and he and Prof. DeWilde are at work on a podcast series.

Dr. Quiroga specializes in pediatric nephrology.

He debuted as the first Population Health leader at Spectrum Health and immediately laid a foundation for the system-wide Population Health infrastructure that enabled operations, care delivery and analytical capabilities to perform as an integrated system at full risk. In addition to the aforementioned, Ale led a significant redesign of Primary Care, ultimately transforming 30% of practices into a value care model, including senior-only and rising-risk clinics and alternative models of care, with improved daily gross revenue by 23%. In conjunction with a considerable care management overhaul with a focus on disease burden and longitudinal care, these initiatives have accomplished a reduction in the total cost of care, with some locations seeing an 11% decrease, as well as rapid correction of uncontrolled diabetes by 53%. Additional noteworthy accomplishments include the reduction in A1C that resulted in $1.5 million in saving in the first 6 months, as well as the exponential improvement in readmission rates with a 13% reduction in the 30-day pilot alone. After conducting a comprehensive redesign of behavioral health, access was greatly improved and resulted in an 80% increase in patients seen within three months. Additionally, over the course of two years, a total of 11 locations were added with 14 new programs, ultimately doubling the number of patients served. Further efforts included the strengthening of local and regional partnerships, as well as the external rebranding and revised internal communications strategy to streamline operations and build more cohesion.

With a continued emphasis on developing engaged, productive, and accountable high-performing teams to identify new models of care and drive meaningful results, Dr. Quiroga’s personal mission to catalyze transformation and a vision to enable a culture that prioritizes what’s right, humanity and simplicity, is full steam ahead!

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