Services Provided

Safe-Walk Escorts

While campus is a very safe place to walk about, we do offer a Safe-Walk Escort program. Please call our dispatch center 24 hours a day at (616) 331-6677 to have an officer meet you. There are a few limitations to the program we would like you to be aware of:

  • Safe-Walk is available for security escorts only. We do not provide weather-related escorts.
  • Safe-Walk is dependent upon the availability of an officer. It may not always be an immediate response, as other calls for service may take priority over an escort. Our dispatch center will call you back if it appears your wait will be longer than expected.
  • Safe-Walk Escorts can only be made on the Pew Campus. Unfortunately, we cannot escort you to or from destinations off campus.

Motorist Assistance

Our officers are equipped with tools to help you get on the road should you experience unforeseen complications on campus. These services are free of charge and include:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Vehicle unlocks

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you change a flat tire. Our dispatch center can provide you with local services that can assist you with flat tires. As with our other services, your vehicle must be parked on the Pew Campus to receive these services.

Area Patrol

See something suspicious? Think something looks out of place? Want to see what our uniforms look like? Contact our dispatch center 24 hours a day to request an area patrol of any part of campus. As much as we'd like to be everywhere at once, we rely on the eyes and ears of our campus community to help identify those things that need our attention. If you see something, say something.

Page last modified October 24, 2016