With GVSU Pew Campus being in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, it is likely you will encounter or observe someone panhandling (asking for money, food or other items). Below are some safety precautions we would like you to be mindful of:

1. If you are approached by someone asking you for money, food or other items, it is advised that you do not supply them with anything. Simply tell them no and continue on your way.

2. Call the Campus Security Department at (616) 331-6677 right away to report the situation.

3. Be aware of where you were when the incident occurred and other details of the incident. Dispatch will ask you questions about what the person looked like (i.e.; age, race, gender, clothing, personal items, facial hair, glasses, height, weight, etc.) and which way they were going.

4. Dispatch will also ask you for some information about yourself, such as your name and telephone number. This is for reporting purposes only. This information will not be shared outside of our department.

5. An officer will be sent to the area to attempt to locate the subject. Dispatch will also ask if you would like to talk to the officer after the incident is resolved.

It is perfectly acceptable to say no and walk away. There are several agencies in greater Grand Rapids area where these individuals can get help. 


Page last modified October 25, 2016