Fire Safety

Fire safety at Grand Valley State University involves a variety of measures aimed at preventing fires and ensuring the safety of faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Housing and Residence Life, Facilities Management, the Safety Office, and the Campus Security Department work cooperatively with local fire departments to promote fire safety in all university areas. This cooperation takes a number of steps to assure fire safety remains in the forefront of university operations. Residence hall construction, training programs for housing staff, and routine inspections of fire safety equipment have contributed to a fire safe environment for the Pew Campus community.


The University's Housing and Residence Life Office has taken a proactive approach in limiting certain items allowed in residential areas. Policies prohibit fire hazards in housing rooms such as, the burning of candles and incense, hot plates, toaster ovens, and space heaters.

The Facilities Management Office takes a strong fire safe approach with the construction of new residential buildings. University growth over the past decade has provided opportunity for new residential buildings. The approach to the construction of these buildings has been to include state of the art fire detection and suppression systems. Existing residential buildings have been updated to include comprehensive fire detection and warning systems. All hallways and all apartments are equipped with fire extinguishers. Residence area doors are one-hour fire rated.

Each living center on our campuses is equipped with a fire detection systems that include manual pull stations, horns, strobe lights, smoke detectors, and heat detectors. Pew Campus resident halls also contain sprinkler protection. The alarm systems and fire extinguishers are routinely inspected.


The University has created a "Fire Safety 101" brochure. The brochure contains fire safety details for living on campus. It is posted in all residential areas prior to fall semester check-in. A Fire / Tornado Placard is also maintained on the rear of residential doors on each of our campuses. The placards contain basic emergency information as well as the evacuation routes and tornado shelter locations for the area. The University provides a brochure for students to view on college fire safety.

Resident Assistants are required to attend a Fire & Tornado Safety work session prior to move-in during the RA training period. This prepares RA's to teach residents on Fire Safety issues. The RA's have a constant link to the Pew Campus Security Department for other information and programming.

Residents in the Halls are required to attend an initial floor meeting at the beginning of the new fall semester. This floor meeting covers a number of Fire Safety issues including their building's floor plan, evacuation routes, fire drill procedures and fire safety policies.


Violations of University rules and regulations are documented and corrective action taken by the Dean of Student's Office. When violations of state law occur, the person(s) responsible are handled through the Grand Rapids Police Department.


In Residence Halls Pew Campus Security conducts a fire drill within approximately 2 weeks of classes beginning to familiarize residents with the sights and sounds of the system. Additional unannounced drills are conducted at various times throughout the year.

Fire Safety on the Pew Campus


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