Borrow a Bike Lock Program

The Campus Security Department offers a "Borrow a Bike Lock" program. The program provides a good quality U-type locking device for GVSU students to sign-out for 24 hours, in order to secure your bicycle to one of the University bike racks. This program is offered to assist students in complying with the GVSU Traffic and Parking Ordinance (Chapter 2, Section 2.12 Bicycles). This will offer an alternative to leaving your bicycle unsecured and for individuals attempting to/bringing their bicycles inside of Grand Valley facilities, which is in violation of university code.

Steps of the program:
1.Go to the Campus Security Department, Eberhard Center Suite 102, or the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences front desk and request to "Borrow a Bike Lock".
2.Agree to the terms of the program by completing and signing the "Borrow a Bike Lock" waiver.
3.Take the U-Lock and key, determined to be operable by the Dispatcher/Officer upon issuance, and utilize it as instructed on the Bike Theft Prevention Tips & How to Lock Your Bicycle sheet provided. 
4.Return the U-Lock and key to the  Campus Security Department during normal hours of operation, no later than the agreed upon time established when signing the waiver. At that time, the Dispatcher/Officer will confirm that the U-Lock and key have been returned in the agreed upon timeframe, damage free (noting damage, if any, on the waiver) prior to both parties signing to complete the form.

A request to use the U-Lock and key for an extended period of time can be submitted for consideration by contacting Pew Campus Security at 616.331.6601 or at the Campus Security Department during normal business hours.

Page last modified December 12, 2017