Basic Scribe Assessment



This assessment is designed for current healthcare staff performing medical scribe duties. Medical scribing has advanced in professional practice expectations.  This tool serves to provide staff and managers feedback on current knowledge and proficiency based on a model of professional medical scribe standards.  Basic scribe knowledge is assessed broadly to apply to medical offices without specialty inferences.

Upon completion of the basic scribe assessment, the test taker and manager will be provided a report showing levels of competency on the following domains: medical scribe role, medical terminology, documentation standards, billing and coding, HIPAA, etc.  



Managers may register their staff using the online application form. CLICK HERE

A member of the GVSU Scribe Academy team will respond within 3 business days with directions and assessment test login credentials.



For questions, contact Jeff Trytko, Program Director of the GVSU Scribe Academy: 

Email:[email protected] 

Office phone: (616) 331-5943

Page last modified April 7, 2022