Tuition Scholarship

Statistics Tuition Scholarship

Scholarships of at least $500 will be available. Each scholarship will be given to a statistics major to honor the student for outstanding performance and to encourage that student to continue in statistics at that level of excellence.

**These scholarships are made possible by the generous support of contributors to the Statistics Endowment Fund.***

Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible to apply for the Statistics Tuition Scholarship, the student must satisfy all of the following:

  • the student has declared a major in statistics;
  • the student has at least 45 credit hours completed by the time of application;
  • the student has completed at least 9 credit hours in courses at GVSU with an STA (statistics) designation and is taking courses at GVSU at the time of application;
  • the student is expected to take at least one course with an STA designation during Fall Semester 2015;
  • the student is expected to take at least one course with an STA designation during Winter Semester 2016, this requirement is waived for students graduating in December 2016;
  • the student has an overall GPA of 3.2 or better.

In the evaluation of candidates for a scholarship, the above items will be considered. In addition, the faculty will consider the candidate's performance in statistics courses at GVSU and any additional activities or collaborative research/projects that the candidates has conducted with a statistics faculty member.

The recipient(s) will be announced by the end of the Winter 2015 semester. The scholarships will be given the following fall semester.

Apply online at myScholarship.

Page last modified September 28, 2014