Observing Consulting Sessions

The goal of STA 419  is to develop in each student the skills necessary for being a statistical consultant. Students who wish to observe a consulting session are required to first review the current scheduled appointments on the SCC google calendar before requesting to be invited. Note your GVSU email gives you access to Google calendar since it is essentially a Gmail address.

To access SCC calendar: Click to view the calendar on your Gmail, under "Other Calendars" click "Add a friend's Calendar" ( sccg11@gmail.com )

To be considered to attend any consulting sessions, make your request: Consulting Session Observation Request FORM. A maximum of 2 students are allowed to observe any given session. Requests are processed on a "First Come - First Serve" basis and are indicated on the calendar by first initial, last initial, observation number. For example SO#1[in the same time block with words like:Data Analysis OR Research Project OR Dissertation OR Program Evaluation OR Thesis] on the google calendar indicates that SO has been scheduled to his/her first observation.

Besides having your initials posted on the google calendar as a reminder, an email notification to invite you to attend will have a brief description of what the client is requesting assistance with. You will need to set up your calendar in order to receive advance notifications regarding the meeting(s) for which you have been invited.

Setting Your Calendar Notification

  • Calendar
  • Settings (under the gear in upper right corner)
  • Calendars
  • For SCC calendar click Edit notifications


Please note that at the end of the semester your instructor will be provided with the data (downloaded using:http://www.gcal2excel.com/) to verify which sessions you attended.

Page last modified January 22, 2019