The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is operated by the Department of Statistics at GVSU. The Center is located in MACKINAC HALL [MAK: A-1-178] on the GVSU Allendale Campus. Our mission is to enhance university research efforts by offering quality statistical advice to faculty and student projects, to provide interdisciplinary research or instructional/collaboration opportunities for students and faculty from all departments and to develop collaborations with West Michigan businesses through consulting projects. Research is increasingly data-driven, and we are available to answer your statistics and analysis questions through email or an in-person consultation.  To make an appointment or an inquiry, please click here.

In addition, the SCC also provides an educational experience for students with majors or minors in statistics via Statistics Project course STA 419. Perhaps you have been collecting data but are not sure what to do with it.  Perhaps you have a research project started but it just doesn’t seem to get finished.  Does this sound like you?  Click: S t a t I s t I c s ?!  A r g h h h !!! I mean, Yea !!!! to learn how to get help.

All staff, faculty and students who participate in research are expected to perform their work to the highest degree of professional and ethical standards. The responsible conduct of research (RCR) is critical for excellence; you are encouraged to engage in RCR training and education: Responsible Conduct of Research


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To learn about the variety of services that we offer, please click SERVICES.   Parking For temporary parking permit and lot location information, please consult the Parking Services website. Driving Directions to campus from different regions of Michigan are available. We are located in A-1-178 Mackinac Hall. If you have other suggestions for this page or any other pages on this website, please go here and enter your thoughts.  Please feel free to contact us should you have questions regarding scheduling or locating us.

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