STA419 Client Evaluation Form

Please provide feedback concerning your consulting experience with your statistical consultant(s). Please answer each question based upon your experiences to date. Please indicate  the extent to which you agree with each of the following items.

* denotes a required field

Please indicate level of agreement: [0 (Strongly Disagree) -- 5 (Strongly Agree)]

The consultant was dependable in keeping appointments *

The consultant came prepared for meetings *

The consultant conducted his or her work in a timely manner *

The consultant conducted himself or herself in a professional manner *

The consultant was eager to help with the project *

The consultant achieved a good understanding of what this research project was trying to accomplish *

The consultant kept me/us regularly informed of the progress being made with the project analysis *

The consultant was knowledgeable about statistics as applied to this project *

The consultant clearly explained the projects statistical aspects *

Overall, the consultant did a good job as a statistical consultant on this project *

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