Kim Bode

Kim Bode

Communication Major

Career Path: Marketing Director for West Michigan Science and Technology Initiative

Bode, the marketing director for the West Michigan Science and Technology Initiative, finds it thrilling to be in the middle of all that development. Grand Rapids' reputation as a center of life sciences continues to grow. It's an industry that could reshape the economy of West Michigan, and WMSTI is one of the leading forces behind that growth by helping turn life science industry innovations into commercial products. It's Bode's job to help get the word out about WMSTI's work. She is responsible for planning special events, including the annual Life Sciences Business Showcase. She oversees publications and other communications and does fundraising for WMSTI.

Bode is a Grand Valley alum, graduating in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in communications. All through college, she worked in Facilities Planning, and she got a job there full-time after graduation. She later moved over to WMSTI after being encouraged to apply for the position.

In addition to her work at Grand Valley, Bode is active in the community. She serves on the boards of the American Marketing Association, West Michigan Public Relations Society of America, GLIMA West, Maverick and the Michigan Street Business Association. In recognition for her work, Bode was named one of the Grand Rapids Business Journal's "40 Under 40" in October.

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