Kevin Kammeraad

Kevin Kammeraad

Film and Video Major

Career Path: Business Owner & Author

First filled with thoughts and ideas, the journal was soon packed with Kammeraad's poems. Before graduating in 1998, he filled three more journals with poetry, family stories and illustrations. Kammeraad, who studied film and video, said he first thought about publishing his journal as a children's book when he was a junior. He learned the self-publishing process quickly; The Tomato Collection was released in 1999.

It's been well-received. With characters like Jacob, Wendel, Magooie Balooie, and Norwood, the book is considered a staple for kindergarten through sixth-graders. Yet its family photographs, quirky illustrations and thoughtful poems appeal to all ages.

Kammeraad and his wife, Stephanie (a 2001 GVSU graduate), have since created their own company, Cooperfly Books. Kammeraad has also set Tomato Collection poems to music for a CD and written a second poetry book, I Remember. His third book, A Curious Glimpse of Michigan, is expected out in 2004.

Kevin and Stephanie travel to 100 schools a year to give presentations about creativity and writing. He incorporates music and puppetry into his presentation.

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