Freshmen Timeline

Fall 2014


Jul. & Aug.

Attend Orientation

Jul. & Aug.

Schedule classes recommended by Pre-major advisor

Jul. & Aug.

Begin working on the process of selecting a major by utilizing the Self Guided Path for Choosing a Major website


Attend Transitions Pre-major (undecided) Workshop which will give you information about the academic advising process and introduce you to all the resources available to help you find a major

Aug. 25

Classes begin

Aug. 25-29

Add/Drop week--meet with a Pre-major advisor if schedule changes need to be made

Sep. & Oct.

Meetings with Pre-major advisor to discuss process and resources available to choose a major  

Sep. 2

Campus Life Night - Fieldhouse
Engagement is an essential part of the Grand Valley experience and attending the Campus Life Night event is the first step toward this goal.  Joining clubs and major-related professional organizations will also give you insight into majors you may want to pursue.


Identify two or three possible majors

Nov. 5

Attend the Majors Fair where you have the opportunity to meet with different academic departments and alumni to learn about majors and careers


Determine strengths, challenges, and interests based on first semester performance



Jan. 5

Classes begin

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