Brent Hehl

Brent Hehl

Cell and Molecular Biology Major

Career Path: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Cell Biology at UNC

Brent Hehl grew up on a hog farm near Grand Valley in Coopersville, but he always knew he wanted to study cell biology. Entertaining a wide variety of schools, he submitted his sole college application to Grand Valley State University following an on-campus visit. After graduating in April 2008, he now continues his studies a little further away from home.

In June, Hehl began pursuing his Ph.D. in cell biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is one of two incoming students this year accepted into a unique partnership between UNC and the National Institutes of Health, the federal research engine that directly funds a vast portion of the nation's biomedical research.

Hehl's future plans are to finish his Ph.D. and further pursue a career studying cell migration. He would like to someday direct his own laboratory, either as a college professor or investigator at a research institution.

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