Aaron Sohaski

Aaron Sohaski

Theatre Major

Career Path: Law School Student/Teacher for Teach for America

Aaron Sohaski is a 2010 graduate of GVSU's Theatre program. Since graduation, Aaron was a part of the Teach For America program where he taught in Baltimore City Public Schools for two years and received his Masters in Education from the Johns Hopkins University. 

Aaron is currently in law school and will graduate from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in January 2016. During his time in law school, Aaron worked full-time in Business Development for the Michigan Association of CPAs. 

Aaron was actively involved with the American Bar Association, serving as the National Chair where he oversaw interactions with over 35,000 law students across the country and lobbied for changes in legal education during his tenure. Currently, Aaron serves as Chair of the State Bar of Michigan's Law Student Section. He will take the February 2016 Bar Exam. Aaron is proud of his degree in Theatre from GVSU, and he uses the oral communication and writing skills on a daily basis. 

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