Sophomore Academy

Personalized Career Exploration

  • Learn your academic strengths
  • Focus on your interests, values and personality
  • Explore academic requirements and skills for various majors
  • Select appropriate majors


Leadership Development

  • Understand the concept of leadership and the characteristics of good leadership
  • Develop a comprehensive set of practical skills needed by leaders
  • Learn skills to engage in conflict productively and work toward conflict resolution
  • Become aware of all leadership opportunities on campus


Building Career Related Skills

  • Identify and pursue part time jobs, leadership opportunities, service learning, internships and high impact experiences that will enhance your career readiness
  • Create a network of professionals that can serve as resources in helping you achieve your career goal
  • Learn appropriate professional attire and acquire proper etiquette skills
  • Learn how to effectively articulate a set pf practical skills and tools on a resume, portfolio and in interviews

Angel Williams - Passport Scholarship Recipient

Angel Williams - 2014 Passport Scholarship Recipient

 “I had the opportunity to be a part of Sophomore Academy and what I have learned from this program has helped me take the initiative and responsibility to achieve my career goals.”

“I remember attending a career fair that the academy prepared and encourage the students to attend. I was so thrilled that I went because there I made connections through nonprofit companies. I was able to ask recruiters from these companies’ questions and get to know more about what they offer and how I can best benefit their company. It was an awesome experience that I was proud of going to because I learned what I needed to do, what approach I should take next, and how to improve myself to be the best candidate for what those companies offer.”

“With constant week to week sessions with our mentors we learned to go after our passions and goals within our academics. These sessions helped me transition from a Nursing major to an Advertising and Public Relations major. Because of these sessions I now feel that I have found my passion in communication. I am now confident in going after my dreams and achieving my goals.”

“Before this program I had interest in study abroad, but I didn’t know where to start. The academy gave students a goal sheet and on that sheet we were to write down all of our goals whether it was organizations we wanted to get involved in, or academic goals we wanted to achieve. On my goal sheet I listed study abroad and today I am a proud recipient of a study abroad scholarship. Without the motivation and encouragement that Sophomore Academy gave to their students I don’t believe I would have put in the hard work and dedication that I needed to accomplish my goals.”


Tuesdays from 5:00-8:00 pm

200 STU


  • Sulari White, Director of Academic Completion Programs
  • Lisa Knapp, Career Services
  • Haley Spencer, Practicum Graduate Assistant
  • Tiffany Steele, Practicum Graduate Assistant

Contact Sophomore Academy by phone at (616) 331-2091 or (616) 331-3588 or via email at

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Passport Scholarship

Angel Williams

Savanna Duggan

Alternative Spring Break Scholarships

Sulan Artz-Iffland

Shaylynnkinne Ivory

Jennifer Jerichow


Jennifer Jerichow

Jennifer Jerichow - 2014 Alternate Spring Break Scholarship Recipient

“While the Freshman Academy Program helped me academically, the Sophomore Academy Program helped me professionally. 

I was able to meet and connect with new groups on campus like alternative breaks and was able to receive a scholarship to go in the spring.

One would not think that learning to give an elevator speech could guide one in choosing a major, but it did for me.  My elevator speech made me realize that my passion is to help kids and thus I changed my major to psychology and hope to become a clinical psychologist.” - Jenny Jerichow

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