Oliver Wilson Scholars

What is the Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

The Oliver Wilson Scholars program is a learning community that is designed to provide comprehensive academic, professional and social support to students. This program was founded in 2003 by Dr. Oliver Wilson, a beloved Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs who was truly dedicated to student success. In 2009, after the loss of the founder, the program was renamed to honor his memory and vision for the Oliver Wilson Scholars program. We continue his legacy and vision by providing students in this program with access to advisors who can help with registering for classes, development of study skills, career exploration, and the transition to college. Students also receive additional access to free resources such as tutoring, academic coaching, and specialized courses taught by faculty who support this program. Our advisors and staff are dedicated to working closely with Oliver Wilson Scholars students to support but also challenge their development to help make their academic and personal goals a reality. 

Oliver Wilson

Academic Support

  • Academic Advising: Students have easy access to an advisor who can help talk through major options, career choices, class registration, and even campus employment
  • General Education Courses: Our program has several designated general education courses, taught by outstanding faculty members who are dedicated to helping our students succeed academically. Each section has seats reserved for Oliver Wilson Scholars to help make registration much easier.
  • Study Skills Development: This program has study skills coaching to assist students in making sure they have a successful transition to college level learning.
  • Specialized Study Groups and Workshops: The program has a weekly study hall on Tuesday nights with tutors and writing consultants readily available to help. We also have various offices like Financial Aid and Housing who will visit to talk about important topics and deadlines students need to be aware of.

Personal Development

  • Networking: Students will have a chance to develop relationships with their peers, alumni, faculty and staff during celebrations, social events and outings hosted by the program.
  • Student Employment: Our program works closely with on-campus employers to secure jobs for our students. We provide professional development and support by helping with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills. This can also include helping students to obtain business and professional attire.
  • Extra Support: Our program has connections with many different offices throughout campus to make sure that we can effectively serve our students and respond to their needs. 


Maalik McClinton's testimony on the Oliver Wilson Scholars program...




Can I participate in Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

The Oliver Wilson Scholars program is only open to incoming students who are selected by the Admissions Office during the application review process.

What are the benefits of participating in the Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

• One-on-one academic advising and social support from Oliver Wilson Scholars staff members

• Learning skills development

• Mentoring from prior Oliver Wilson Scholars participants

• Specialized course sections with learning communities

• Specialized tutoring/study groups


What are the expectations of students who are participating in the Oliver Wilson Scholars program?

• Visit with Oliver Wilson Scholars staff after your orientation session in the summer

• Meet with their Oliver Wilson Scholars advisor at least 4 times throughout each semester.

• Attend weekly Oliver Wilson Scholars study table.

• Register for general education courses that are designated for Oliver Wilson Scholars participants.

*Students who meet these expectations will be eligible to receive a grant that they can use towards books and other supplies.

Contact Information

Office: 200 Student Services Building

Phone: (616) 331-3588

Email: ows@gvsu.edu