Changing Your Major

If you are considering changing your major, you are not alone.  According to the Center for Educational Statistics, 80% of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once.

The academic advisors in the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) can assist you in assessing your interests, skills, values, and completed courses to determine an appropriate major for you.   

SASC advisors have appointments available at 200 Student Services Building and at North C.  Click on the Schedule an Appointment button or call (616) 331-3588 to make arrangements to meet with a Pre-major advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If I change my major now, can I still graduate on time?

  • This will depend on when you decided to change your major and the new major you select.  There are several majors at Grand Valley where you can complete the major requirements in about 3 semesters.  It is critical that you meet with an advisor in the Student Academic Success Center as soon as you determine you wish to change your major.

2.  What are all the majors at Grand Valley?

  • You may choose from this list of Majors and Programs which includes 88 undergraduate majors and 38 graduate programs.

3.  How do I know what my interests and skills are?

  • There are many resources at Grand Valley to help students identify their interests and skills.  Start with Focus 2.  Upon completion, meet with an SASC advisor who will help you interpret the results.  For more in-depth assessment, the SASC advisor may refer you to the Career Center.

4.  Will my new major "use" most of the courses I have already taken?

  • Log on to myBanner, then follow these links:  Student, Student Records, and myPath.  In myPath, click on "What If" on the left side of the menu.  No changes need to be made to the drop down boxes that say Level and Catalog Year.  Select the appropriate Degree and Major (plus emphasis and minor if desired).  Then click on "Process What-If" button located above the drop down boxes.

5.  Does my major determine my career?

  • Your choice of a major is only one step in determining your career path; it does not determine the rest of your life.  Many employers are not always interested in a specific major, but more focused on the experiences and skills you might bring to the organization as well as your academic record. 

Page last modified July 31, 2017