Academic Policies & Procedures

There are a number of processes at Grand Valley to assist you, the student, to appeal various academic situations. Listed below are the academic policies that our department assists with. You can download each form by clicking on the words in blue.

Petition to Return
A student would need to complete this process to apply for readmission to Grand Valley. Per the GVSU catalog ,"A dismissed student may apply for readmission after a period of one calendar year. Evidence of maturity and improved attitude toward academics and the written support of the student's academic advisor must accompany the application for readmission." A complete petition will include the following:

  • Petition to Return form
  • Letter of support from your academic advisor
  • A detailed academic plan for your major
  • Any documentation that supports your appeal, i.e., medical records, academic transcripts, etc.
  • Appeal letter that includes any detailed information you could not fit on the Petition to Return form

Appeals should be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to the start of the semester you wish to re-enter. Completed appeals must be turned into the Registrar's Office,150 Student Services Building or

Student Concern
This process is for students who want to appeal a course evaluation and/or substitution for General Education Foundation/Culture requirements. A complete application will include the following:

  • Student Concern form
  • Any attachments

Appeals should be submitted electronically to for review.

Residency Waiver
Students should file a Residency Waiver appeal if they want to take courses at another institution while in their last 30 credits at Grand Valley. An academic advisor must sign the form in support of the request. Appeals should be submitted to the Student Academic Success Center, for a decision.

Credit Overload Request - Use Registration and Drop/Add Course Form
Students who wish to take more than 20 credits in one semester must submit a Drop/Add Course Form with their advisor's signature of approval on it, along with a statement explaining why they need to take this higher credit load. Requests should be submitted to the Student Academic Success Center, for a decision.

Course Withdrawal
A student may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of W when the completed Registration and Drop/Add Form is presented to the registrar by the end of the ninth week (Course Drop/Add and Refund Schedule) or dropped through myBanner. Students who do not withdraw before the deadline must accept a grade other than W depending on the instructor's judgment of their performance in the course(s) and any mitigating circumstances. Undergraduate students who request an exception of the withdrawal deadline due to extenuating circumstances must present their explanation of appeal attached to a Registration and Drop/Add Form signed by their professor and department chair along with at least one statement of support from the professor or department chair to the director of Student Success Programs at for a decision.  (Students should continue attending class until notification of a final decision about their appeal is received.)

Complete Withdrawal Form
Students who want to stop attending Grand Valley must submit a Complete Withdrawal Form to the Registrar's Office, 150 Student Services Building or before classes end for the semester in which they wish to withdraw.