Math Games & Activities

Below are math games you can play at home or school with minimal preparation. Some games require items you have around the house or classroom such as paper, pencil, dice, or playing cards.  Everything else you need: rules, materials, possible questions, and in some cases a video to show how to play the game, are provided.  Enjoy!

The grade level given for each game is a suggestion for age range.  All the games below are easily scalable and can be used with a range of ages.  Suggestions for rescaling are included in both the variations and helpful hints that appear in the game directions.

Pre-K - Kindergarten

Grades 1 - 2

Magical Measurement

Magical Measurement - Directions

Digits and Decimals

Keep the Leftovers

Keep the Leftovers - Directions

Grades 3 - 5

Patterned Pathways

For game rules and directions, click below:

Patterned Pathways - Directions: Grades: K-2

Patterned Pathways - Directions: Grades: 3-8

Grades 6-8

Stepping for Miles

Stepping for Miles - Directions

Golf Around the Stacks

Golf Around the Stacks - Directions

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