Connections for the STEM Classroom Archives

2016 - 2017

September  Saving the Biosphere by Conserving Half of Earth: A book review of “Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life” by Edward O. Wilson

October  A book review of: Lessons from the Sand: Family-Friendly Science Activities You Can Do on a Carolina Beach By Charles O. Pilkey and Orrin H. Pilkey

November Finding a Lake’s Productivity Peak and Nap Time

December Data, Data Everywhere: R You Ready?

February Other Earths?

April  The Moon's Shadow Approaches

May  Dean Antczak Addresses Michigan Science Olympiad Crowd


September  Muskegon Lake Estuary: A Goldilocks Zone of Net Biological Productivity in a Great Lakes Watershed

October  Connecting Science and Science Fiction in the Classroom

November  Sand and Science: Bringing the Field into the Classroom

December/January  First Movement: Rapid Motility of Modern Sunlight-seeking Mat-forming Cyanobacteria Hold Clues to Oxygenation of Early Earth

February  Freshwater Furnace: Global Significance of the Changing Freshwater Carbon Cycle

March  A Teachable Moment: The Flint Water Crisis

April  The Anthropocene: Defining A Human-Dominated Earth

May  What Happiness Feels Like


September  Changing Carbon Balance in the Great Lakes

October  TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Insights from Size-Dependent Changes in Organismal Form

November  Head Tech

December/January  Extinction Awareness: An Incredible Model of Participation

February  Celebrating the International Year of Light 2015

March Polarization

April  Freshwater Security in a Changing World

May  Freshwater Security in a Changing World

2013 - 2014

September  Climate Change, Lake Ecosystem Dynamics and a Model Lesson Plan: Integrating Real-Time data from Muskegon lake into Your Classroom

October  Elevating Public Literacy in Geology and Adding Geology Majors to the Career Pipeline: Insights from a Dual-credit Program in Michigan

November  Submerged Sinkholes Trap Lake Huron's Carbon

December/January  Should the Grand Have Rapids Again?

February  Where's the Edge of My Country: Politics vs Geology

March  Using Team Research as a Tool for High Impact Learning

April  Welcome Speech by College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Frederick J. Antczak

2012 - 2013

September  The Importance of Understanding Coastal Debris Flows 

October  Working as a Geologist

November  Underwater Sinkholes in Lake Huron are Refugia for Versatile Microbial Ecosystems that are Analogs of Life on Early Earth

December/January  Using Extreme Weather Events to Quantify the Hydrologic Cycle

February  Approaching the Speed of Life, Insights into the Lifespan of Species

March  New Evidence for the Duration and Age of the Two Creeks Interval in the Great Lakes Region

April  The AZN's of Nuclear Physics

May  The Outlaw Statistician

2011 - 2012

September  Could sea level rise catastrophically in the next 100 years? A collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

October  Extreme X-rays Reveal a Cosmic Dance 

November  The Climes, They are a Changin'

December/January  Shifting Climates, Shifting Species

February  Jumpin' Jupiter!

March  Jumpin' Jupiter!

April  Water and Security

May  Lake Sentinel: Observatory for Ecosystem Changes in Muskegon Lake

May  Book Review: A Realistic, Yet Optimistic, Take on Our Energy Past, Present And Future

2010 - 2011

September  Looking for Primitive Earth

October  Comment on The Earth Doesn't Care

December/January  Grand Challenges for a Sustainable Earth

February  Book Review: Exploiting Uncertainty

February  Introduction to Geogebra

March  Dark Matter

April  Isotopes Reveal Groundwater Link to Great Lakes Food Web

May  Measuring Environmental Impact

2009 - 2010

September  Deciphering Cryptic Biodiversity of Aquatic Plants with DNA Sequences

September  Discovering Biodiversity

October  Toast to a Lake Brew

October  West Antarctica and the Threat of a Sea Level Rise Disaster

December/January  Mars Methane Mystery

December/January  White Dwarf Gemstones

February  Ancient Cyanobacterial Mats Thrive in Great Lakes Sinkholes

February  Saturn's Invisible Ring

March  More iPhone App

April  Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes

April  Freshwater Futures in a Changing World

2008 - 2009

September  Natural Resources Management Students Combine Science with Service

October  Asteroids and Meteorites

October  Exoplanet Picture!

November  Entropy

December/January  Doughnut in the Desert: Discovery of a Ring of High Productivity Water Mass in Lake Michigan

December/January  Changing Views of the Nature of Science

February  Brewing Up a Lake: Study of Episodic Events in Lake Michigan

February  The Evolution of Cancer

February  Chance and Necessity: A Botanical Homage to Charles Darwin on His 200th Birthday

February  Student Understanding and Misconceptions of Evolutionary Theory

March  Physics and Technology

April  Energy Resources, The Big Picture, The Laws Of Physics, and a Case For Conservation

April  Energy: A Cautionary Tale

May  Annis Water Resources Institute Helps Create Indicator Reports

May  Global Environmental Problems Require Novel Solutions

2007 - 2008

October  Quantifying Travel Times for Water in Your Watershed

November  Spinning Stars

December/January  DNA Repair Shops

February  An Impressive Supernova Imposter

April  Is Global Warming Real? Statisticians Say Yes!

April  Light Echoes

April  Using Professional Organizations' Position Statements in Teaching

May  Mars' Chain of Fire

May  Greening of Lakes: Nutrient Control of Algal Blooms in Lakes

2006 - 2007

October  300 Million - Here We Come!

October  What is Pluto?

October  Temperature affects composition of microbes

November/December  Submerged Sinkhole Ecosystems

November/December  "Petit Spot" Volcanoes Discovered

February  The Sun and Earth's Climate

February  A Snowball Earth: A Winter's Tale 

April  An Argument for Earth Science

April  Newton Does the Driving

May  Dirty Snowballs?

May  Going for the Gold

May  Worth it's Weight?

2005 - 2006

February  Nine Planets??

February  The Beach: Where Science Meets the Law

February  Hubble Does it Again

April  A Quiet Birthday

April  Remembering San Francisco

May  Groundwater In Michigan: Science, Policy, And Litigation

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