Be a Part of the GVSU Making Waves Initiative

Making waves

Making Waves about Water is a University initiative to create collaboration across the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) campus among students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community.

The goal of the initiative is to explore and investigate the many ways that water touches our lives, from being a life-force to defining GVSU in relation to the Grand River and Lake Michigan. The Initiative contains a central goal of GVSU: a liberal arts institution where we integrate theory with practice to prepare students for the challenges of our world.

Key goals of the Making Waves Initiative (MWI) are to:

  1. Support and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by creating cooperative learning for students, staff, and faculty and within the community around the central theme of water;
  2. Demonstrate that GVSU is a liberal arts institution in West Michigan with a unique approach to exploring and learning about resources and activities across disciplines, locally and globally; and
  3. Build and sustain community engagement opportunities and co-curricular activities related to water.

The MWI is a two-year effort that will commence in the fall of 2019. Over 70 faculty and staff are working on 10 teams to come up with and implement, ideas, projects, and activities to enhance student learning through modification to curriculum, student events, and community engagement.

You can learn more about the MWI on our website at

Making waves