Groundswell Presents A Healthy Watershed: Magnet for Birds and Butterflies

2014 April HOME

On Saturday, April 26, Groundswell will be having a short presentation in the morning that explores the interconnections between watersheds, plants, insects, and birds. We will highlight the important role that urban green spaces can play in restoring watershed health and protecting biodiversity. This presentation will highlight ways to attract birds and butterflies to our yards, parks, and school and church grounds, even in highly urbanized settings. This practice has multiple benefits for managing stormwater runoff and improving the quality of urban streams such as Plaster Creek. The event is from 9 a.m. to noon at the Bunker Interpretive Center at Calvin College.*

After the presentation, we will be going to a local urban green space for some volunteer planting and restoration work! Please RSVP to:

For more information, please visit the Calvin College Plaster Creek Stewards webpage.

*NOTE: Calvin will be hosting a 5k on April 26, so some of the College's entrances will be closed. To get to the Bunker Center, please use the East Beltline entrance near the Youngsma Center (1580 East Beltline). This entrance is at the north end of the large parking lot near the Bunker Center, closer to the intersection of the East Beltline and Lake Drive.

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