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ExxonMobil Exploration and the American Geosciences Institute are pleased to announce that they will be holding the fifth annual Leadership Academy in Earth science for elementary school teachers in Houston, Texas, June 23-28, 2013. The program starts with a reception and dinner on the evening of the 23rd and concludes at noon on the 28th. The Academy will provide teachers with Earth science content, hands-on activities, resources and field experiences that they can use with their students in the classroom and with their colleagues in professional development settings. The program will be residential in Houston, and all travel, lodging and subsistence costs will be covered by a grant from ExxonMobil. There is space for 24 participants, and teams of four are encouraged to attend from each state or school district (although this is not a requirement).
Topics covered during the 40 hours of the workshop will include:

  • Introducing Earth system science to students;
  • Teaching Earth science with an inquiry approach;
  • Investigations to help students understand the Nine Big Ideas in Earth Science (from the Earth Science Literacy Principles) and the Next Generation Science Standards;
  • Hot topics in Earth science;
  • Resources for learning and teaching Earth science (K-5 GeoSource website, Investigating Earth Systems, Nine Big Ideas videos and many others);
  • The work of geoscientists in the energy industry;
  • Using learning centers in classroom and workshop settings;
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating successful Earth science workshops.

Science supervisors and principals are asked to nominate teachers for the Academy by the deadline of March 31, 2013.
The selection committee is looking for teachers who already are, or who have the potential to become science professional development leaders in their home school districts. Please send names and e-mail contact information for nominees to Dr. Ann Benbow, Director of Education and Outreach, American Geosciences Institute, at aeb@agiweb.org.
They will be asking the nominees to send the following three items:

1. A current curriculum vita or resume that includes their contact information, degrees, teaching and other work experience and any professional development training they have received and/or experience in conducting workshops;

2. A letter of commitment to attend the Academy, if selected;

3. A letter of recommendation and commitment from their principals stating that the teachers will be permitted to conduct professional development workshops for their peers.
The committee will be sending out more detailed information about travel and hotel in future messages to the teachers selected to attend.

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