Think Summer! Grandparents, Grandkids and Grand Valley Summer Camp now Open for Registration This summer, grandparents and their grandchildren will be sharing a college experience by attending G3  Grandparents, Grandkids, Grand Valley  a summer camp at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) June 25-27, 2013. Families will spend three days and two nights on campus, sleeping in the living center apartments and eating in the common dining halls along with college students and others on campus.
During the three day educational camp, children ages 8-12 and their grandparents will attend hands-on learning activities in areas like art, history, science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and law enforcement, to name a few. Class sessions will be taught by Grand Valley faculty and held during the day in the campus academic buildings. In the evening, families can choose from a variety of activities including swimming, playing volleyball, using the climbing wall, and playing games. A graduation luncheon ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2013. The camp provides a great opportunity for generations to connect in a fun and educational environment said Karen Meyers, director of the Regional Math and Science Center. The goal is to offer educational activities that will strengthen the family bond, give children a college-life experience and create many positive memories for family members. Last year was the first year for G3. One grandparent reflected, We really enjoyed this time. Everyone was so friendly and pleasant. We loved watching the children respond to new experiences, seeing them challenged and then be surprised by the experiences. G3 Camp is sponsored by GVSUs Regional Math and Science Center and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Registration is now open by calling the Regional Math and Science Center at (616) 331-2267.


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