Celebrate M±thematics of Planet Earth 2013! The Earth is filled with mathematical processes. This coming year, 2013, has been dedicated by various scholarly organizations to the celebration of the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE). Around the world, various programs and workshops on this topic will be held throughout the year. From the Mathematics of Bio-Economics in Paris, France, to Disease Dynamics 2013 in Vancouver, math of the Earth is an area of focus. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), as part of this partnership, has compiled curriculum materials for grades k-12 on various topics. Also, MPE is offering a competition to create physical or virtual modules. Sample modules are available on the website. An example of these modules is the "Berlin Subway: Periodic Timetable Optimization" film which is an interesting display of math being used around the world to make our lives better.
To find additional information and links to educational materials, visit the Mathematics of Planet Earth website: mpe2013.org/.

Page last modified June 14, 2017