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Grandparents, Grandkids, and Grand Valley (G3) Summer Camp The G3 summer camp is returning this year to Grand Valley State University! G3 is a residential summer camp program for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 8-12) to come together for a three day educational experience while living and spending time together on the Grand Valley State University campus. Families will spend three days and two nights on campus, sleeping in the living center apartments and eating in the common dining halls along with college students and others on campus. Class sessions are taught by GVSU faculty and staff and will be held during the day in the campus academic buildings, in some cases, outdoors, and even on the waters of Muskegon Lake! In the evening, there are various activities that families may choose to attend. On the final day, a graduation luncheon ceremony will be held for all of the camp participants. GVSU faculty and staff will lead camp participants to explore a wide range of interesting options and people may choose their sessions based upon their preferences. The goal is to offer educational experiences and activities that will strengthen the bond between generations and facilitate creating many positive memories together. Daily sessions will involve grandparents and grandkids experiencing adventures in a variety of the sciences, mathematics, engineering, arts, technology, and law enforcement, just to name a few. The dates for G3 camp are June 25-27, 2013, on the Grand Valley Allendale campus. Housing, meals, and sessions are all inclusive. Registration is now open and will close on April 30, 2013. During this registration window, participants can sign up for their sessions covering many different topics from the various Grand Valley professors, depending on their interests. This type of summer camp is a growing trend at universities across the nation and in our state. Michigan State University has been hosting a grandparents camp for over seven years, and Central Michigan University for five years. These camps have been extremely popular among the participants as well as the faculty and staff at these institutions. They provide a great opportunity for generations to connect on neutral territory and share memorable experiences. Kids will be exploring the GVSU campuses and have an opportunity to live on campus, and grandparents can share their educational experiences with their grandkids while spending quality, educational time together.



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